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Client list extract ; 
National Australia Group
(Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank, National Australia Bank, Northern Bank, National Irish Bank etc..), National Health Service (UK) (Greater Glasgow Health, Western Infirmary University Hospitals, Yorkhill Childrens Hospitals, Medical Audit for Cardiology etc..), Digital Equipment Corp. GbmH Germany, Stock and Money Markets (UK and Europe), Davy McKee Engineering, Northumbria Water (UK), KBR Computer Hardware (UK), DPCE Computer Services, Granada Computer Services, Interset Computer Systems Europe, Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK, Medical Research Council (UK), Newcastle University (UK), Citibank Europe, Cape Insulation (UK), British Railways (UK), Axis Computer Consultants (USA), Data Type (UK), CDS (UK), British Aerospace (Europe), Chas Fox (UK), Bank of America (USA), Chiron Corp (USA), Wittman-Hart Inc.(USA), ING N.V.(Europe), Philips/Origin (NL), GTE/Verizon (USA), One2One (UK), Providian Financial (USA), Computer International Consultants (USA), Presicorp (USA), Providian Financial Bank (UK), British Telecom/Syntegra UK, Provident Financial/Vanquis Bank UK, Scottish Enterprise, Video Networks Ltd., HomeChoice UK, . . . . 

        to name just a few


Projects over the last few years include ; 

National Network Design
(two data centers, eight sites, 2000+ users)

Enterprise Network Baseline & Tuning (data center, ten national sites, seven global sites)

National VoIP Toll By-Pass Design (four sites, 200+ users)

National SNA to IP Design (over 2000 SNA lines cut over to IP using DLSw, XOT, STUN & BSTUN)

PBX and VoIP Integration Design (three sites)

National Network Design (two data centers, eight sites, 2000+ users)

Security Investigation & Tracking (leading to hacker employment termination)

Consultation, IOS Roll-Out & Implementation Support

Multi-protocol Global Network Design 

Global Network Management Design & Implementation (for major banks)

Global Network Troubleshooting & Tuning (for major banks)

Call Center Design (for major bank)

Application Profiling & Implementation Support

Global Security Network Design & Implementation (for major banks)

Bespoke Training for Technical Staff (for major banks)

Network Emulation in Lab for Configuration Testing (for major banks)

Video Network designs & tuning (for Telco & ISP)

Bespoke VoIP designs (for major telco & DSLAM vendor)

VoIP design, legacy PBX integration & implementation (for major banks & telcos)


       to name just a few


Written references, configuration examples, drawing examples, documentation and reference contacts available on request.




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