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Over fifteen years experience in the computer network business we can provide a first class consultation and support service to assist in design, tuning, troubleshooting, audit/baseline and configuration testing/optimization. Our engineers are multi-vendor trained and are all Cisco certified. We have an extensive lab for simulation and customer configuration testing used to prove network evaluation prior to any implementation. We provide documentation and bespoke training with extensive experience in major multi-national companies in Europe and the USA. .......

Cisco Network Design ConsultantsMulti-Protocol DesignMulti-Media IntegrationMainframe & Mini Consultants

Minimize your telephone costs by using your data network to handle your voice traffic. Automatically switch the telephone call to the most efficient carrier. Integrate the latest VoIP technologies with existing PBX switches. Provide voice response systems for your customers. Expand your internal telephone systems to provide all the latest voicemail and messaging intergated with email. Use Toll-By-Pass to zero the cost of calls between your company sites. the options are unlimited.

Cisco VoIP Asterisk PBX & VoIP Network Design & IntegrationVoIP and PBX IntegrationMeeting and Conference Systems

Over fifteen years experience working in the audio visual service industry in the design, installation and repair of AV systems and networks (originally to component level) we have been fortunate to provide custom service for many mulit-national companies. We have experience working for some of the largest ISP, Telco and TV companies in the world being involved in the research and development. You can take advatage of our experience to optimize or design for your application. We provide custom manufacture of bespoke devices and reverse engineering, optimization, diagnostics and repairs. Consultants for the latest DVB, HDTV, video distribution, multicast and IPTV technologies......

HDTV ConsultantsA/V Distribution Full Automation IntegrationSecurity Integration

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