Over the years we have designed and tested network systems for large corporations and telco from all over the world. Equipped with simulation and real hardware labs, we can design, verify and optimise configurations prior to implementation. From high level designs to lab testing and pre-implementation scripting, we can become part of your virtual team and assist with all technical aspects of your network projects.

Take advantage of our experience with the following services ;

  • High Level Designs & Documentation
  • Low Level Designs & Documentation
  • Lab testing prior to implementation
  • Lab testing prior to roll-out on live networks
  • Lab & Simulation to optimise configuration
  • Lab & Simulation to diagnose problems
  • Multi-Protocol Network Simulation & QoS Verification
  • Baseline and Network Audit & Documentation
  • VoIP Call Routing & PBX Integration


Projects over the last few years have included ; 

National Network Design (two data centers, eight sites, 2000+ users)

Enterprise Network Baseline & Tuning (data center, ten national sites, seven global sites)

National VoIP Toll By-Pass Design (four sites, 200+ users)

National SNA to IP Design (over 2000 SNA lines cut over to IP using DLSw, XOT, STUN & BSTUN)

PBX and VoIP Integration Design (three main sites + 15 remotes)

Security Investigation & Tracking (leading to hacker employment termination)

Consultation, IOS Roll-Out & Implementation Support

Multi-protocol Global Network Design 

Global Network Management Design & Implementation (for major banks)

Global Network Troubleshooting & Tuning (for major banks)

Call Center Design (for major bank)

Global Security Network Design & Implementation (for major banks)

Bespoke Training for Technical Staff (for major banks)

Network Emulation in Lab for Configuration Testing (for major banks)

Call Center Design (US, India & Central America)

Video Network designs & tuning (for Telco & ISP)

Bespoke VoIP designs (for major telco & DSLAM vendor)

VoIP design, legacy PBX integration & implementation (for major banks & telcos)

Network Simulation prior to major configuration changes (for major Telco)

       to name just a few





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