Technical Consultants

Technical design and troubleshooting services for telecommunications since 1991 with clients all over the world

Specialists in unified call center technologies, integration of legacy systems and bit level diagnostics.

Cisco - Digium - Asterisk - Mitel - Avaya - Kamailio

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We are most content when looking at complex protocol problems, designing a network for a company VoIP infrastructure, integrating legacy PBX equipment with new VoIP systems or developing a new call center design. We have been very lucky to work on some of the most interesting infrastructures around the world.

What We Do

Contact Center Design and Optimisation

ISDN Replacement and SIP Trunks

Custom Integration Cisco - Mitel - Avaya - Asterisk - Alcatel - Kamailio

Bit level Diagnostics and Consultancy

Detailed Protocol Analysis SCCP - SIP - MGCP - H323 - IAX

Legacy PBX Interfacing and Integration

High Availability Systems

Custom Call Center Software

Lab Simulation and Testing QoS - routing - failover - rollouts

Network Design and Optimisation

Custom Enterprise Asterisk Software


What We Do Not Do

Target driven sales - we do not sell equipment to maintain partner agreements and are not tied to any manufacturer or provider.

Desk top support - we do not look after MicroSoft or any desktop applications.

Hosted VoIP services - we will evaluate and recommend services based upon technical functionality, reliability and value for money. We do not provide any hosted VoIP services for end clients.


Our Experiences

Over the years we have designed, diagnosed and supported network systems for large corporations and telco from all over the world. Equipped with simulation and real hardware labs, we can design, verify and optimise configurations prior to implementation. From high level designs to lab testing and implemenation scripting, we can become part of your virtual team and assist with all technical aspects of your network and voice projects

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and alert services for VoIP systems and trunks. Alternatively we can customise your NMS for SMDI/CDR reporting

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and no wasted money with our technical consulting contract, ad hoc or pre-paid account = pay as you go


of custom software and configurations in the lab to enable your business to continue without disruption